Understanding Auto Accidents and the Common Injuries Associated with Them

Understanding auto accidents prepares you to deal with them in an effective manner. Here are some types of auto accidents with the explanation of the common injuries that they can inflict upon you:

Head-on Collisions

The most dangerous type of auto accidents are head-on collisions. They usually happen on narrow roads where you have difficulty observing bends. They may also happen if a person is careless and approaches your vehicle suddenly from the opposite side. Although they don’t occur frequently, they cause the maximum damage to your vehicle and yourself. It is important that you hire an auto accident lawyer to ensure that you are not wrongly accused for this serious accident.

Rear-end Collisions

These are accidents that often happen near traffic lights and places where you may have to suddenly stop your vehicle. You may often sustain a whiplash injury if you are involved in rear-ended accidents. This happens because your seat belt stops your body from free moment causing a strong jolt. Seeking advice from an auto accident lawyer will ensure that you receive the required compensation from your insurance company to cover your medical bills and repairs for the vehicle. Determining the fault is important in this case as well, as you may have to pay the bills for other vehicles if you are accused for causing the accident.

Side Collisions

These collisions are often termed as broadside accidents or T-bone collisions. It happens when the side of your vehicle is hit by another car. This can happen at intersections and near the streets where another driver may not show enough care to think that a car may be passing on the road before moving their vehicle out. The speed of the vehicles often governs the damage that you can receive in side collisions.


It is a serious accident, which is mostly caused when you have to turn your vehicle at a high speed. You may be held accountable if you are involved in such an accident, unless you can prove that you were in a situation where you had to take a turn to protect other people. SUVs are often at a greater risk for these kinds of accidents because of their higher center of gravity.

Auto Accident Injuries

As we have already discussed, you can face a whiplash injury, especially in accidents where your vehicle rapidly decelerated and reached a stop. You can suffer a serious head injury in head-on collisions. Concussions are dangerous, and you must ensure that you receive the necessary medical treatment for resolving any problem or swelling on your skull.

Sometimes, auto accident injuries can mean that you lose your capacity to work in a normal manner. Your insurance adjuster needs to ensure that all kinds of losses and whatever you need to overcome them are covered by your insurance compensation. Hiring an auto accident lawyer will ensure that you receive the required compensation under all circumstances.

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