Do I Need A Second Opinion or Should I Settle?

In many states, lawyers receive a percentage of the case settlement as payment of services provided and Florida is no exception. This gives them an incentive to go for settlement rather than going for a trial. Luckily, a client pursuing a legal claim has a right to pursue a second opinion pertaining to the value, handling, and direction of their case.

In most cases, your personal injury lawyer may devise a solid strategy to maximize your winning chances. However, there are some instances where you may be better off if you consider seeking a second opinion on your case.

Do I Need A Second Opinion or Should I Settle?

A second opinion has several advantages if you are pursuing a legal battle to seek rightful compensation. It may provide a peace of mind that you have hired a competent attorney who is able to handle your case effectively. Moreover, you should also find out if your lawyer is not providing good advice and underselling the potential value of your case by opting for settlement. In this case, it may be a better option for you to consider hiring a different attorney to represent your case.

You must also understand that a trial in Florida can be quite expensive and some cases may require a significant amount of monetary resources to pursue a legal claim. This may also incline a lawyer to pursue the option of settlement. Therefore, you should ensure that your lawyer has adequate financial resources to take your case to a trial. Otherwise, obtain a second opinion if you believe that your attorney is sacrificing the integrity of your case by settlement due to monetary restrictions.

Furthermore, choosing a settlement when you are being treated for an injury can be quite risky. In many cases, people underestimate the amount of money that they are entitled to. A personal injury may give you entitlement to obtain compensation for past and future medical bills, pain management, mental trauma, suffering and loss of income. The amount of settlement is usually not even close enough to cover all these aspects. Therefore, you should evaluate your case extremely cautiously and should obtain a second opinion to understand whether the settlement offered is beneficial for your case or potentially depriving you of rightful compensation for your sufferings.

That being said, if you believe that you have chosen a competent personal injury lawyer who will be able to defend your rights, seek a rightful compensation for your loss and sufferings, and have enough competency and resources to take your case to a trial yet advising you for settlement, obtaining a second opinion may not deliver fruitful results. As a matter of fact, settling a case is more beneficial than a trial in a number of instances. Therefore, the decision as to whether you may seek a second opinion or opt for settlement depends specifically on your facts and circumstances pertaining to your case.

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