Different Types of Fishing Boat Accidents

Information available on the Center of Disease Control and Prevention website shows that commercial fishing is among one of the riskiest and hazardous jobs available in the United States with 29 times higher fatality rate compared to national average. There are various types of fishing boat accidents that can take place during a journey. Moreover, there are many instances where a person may become injured near vessels when a ship is berth on shore. Let’s discuss some of the common types of fish boat injuries.

Vessel Disasters

Vessel disasters account for around 50% of all deaths pertaining to accidents caused in a fishing boat. It can take place due to different kinds of problems which may include flooding, instability, unseaworthiness, being struck by a gigantic wave, among other severe weather conditions.

Falling Overboard

It can be highly dangerous and risky to work on a fishing vessel, especially when water is unsteady or weather conditions are poor and unsuitable. Thus, individuals who are on board face a very serious danger of falling overboard. In most cases, people who lost their lives were not equipped with a personal flotation device. Falling overboard accounts for approximately 30% of total deaths caused in a fishing boat.

Deck Accidents

Deck accidents take a share of 12% deaths caused on a fishing boat. There are many instances which may lead to deck accidents. For instance, slip and fall accidents caused due to negligence or hazardous environment or perhaps powerful equipment which are inherently dangerous to use such as hydraulic haulers or winches.

Diving Accidents

Diving itself can be an extremely dangerous activity. A diver’s life is placed at risk as their oxygen tank may run out or malfunction or they could get knocked out by an equipment or sea creature and become unconscious. Furthermore, underwater handling of equipment can also be quite risky.

These are some of the reasons which may result in a fishing boat injury during your journey, however, onshore accidents also account a large number of fatalities each year. These may include slip and falls, lifting injuries, falling into water, injuries that may be caused by handling equipment, or perhaps exposure to hazardous chemical.

Cases pertaining to fishing boat accidents can be extremely complex and complicated due to legal technicalities and different jurisdiction. Therefore, if you or your loved one has suffered from a fishing boat accident and wants to file a claim, it can be highly beneficial for you to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to obtain rightful compensation for your damages.

Your attorney will gather evidence related to your case and will devise a solid argument in your favor. Moreover, a personal injury lawyer will establish facts against the liable party and protect your interest during litigation period. Using their proficiency and experience accrued from prior litigations, your personal injury lawyer will be able to defend your rights and seek maximum amount of compensation for your pain and sufferings.

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