A Brief Insight into Playground Accidents

Playgrounds provide an excellent opportunity for children to play, make new friends, and bond with their family. These playgrounds are relatively safe nowadays, however, certain risks remain present for the children playing. A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that emergency department treats more than 200,000 children (14 or younger) for playground-related injuries in the United States. 50% of playground-related injuries result in fractures, internal injuries, dislocations, amongst other. Moreover, 10% of those children suffer from traumatic brain injuries including concussions, which can have severe health consequences in the future.

Therefore, it is imperative for parents and guardians to accompany and supervise their children in playgrounds. Moreover, those responsible for maintenance of playground must also take adequate measures to make a safer environment for children to walk, run, and play. For instance, guardrails must be installed to prevent falls and area should be clean from rocks and tree stumps.


Can You Obtain Compensation for a Playground Injury?

Not every playground injury may give rise to a legal action due to the inherent risk involved in physical activities at a playground, however, if reason behind an injury is defective playground equipment, an individual can seek compensation for injuries sustained by them or their loved ones by suing the manufacturer under product liability claim. Some common instances include:

  • Defective ladder
  • Entrapment hazards
  • Inferior quality defective S hook on a swing
  • Faulty chain link on the swing

Under product liability, a seller or manufacturer responsible for a defective product can be held liable. The defect may pertain to designing, manufacturing, assembly, and even failure to warn may constitute a liability if it resulted in an injury.

If your child has suffered a playground injury, it can be highly beneficial for your case to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to obtain rightful compensation. A skillful attorney will gather evidence and construct a solid case against the liable party to protect your rights and seek maximum amount of compensation for your sufferings. This amount may include:

  • Present and future medical expenses
  • Disability
  • Pain and emotional distress
  • Rehabilitation

Moreover, any other losses directly caused by a playground injury may also be awarded after consideration of facts and circumstances of your case. This amount may also depend on the ability of your personal injury lawyer. Playgrounds are supposed to be a safe place for children to enjoy themselves and learn new things rather than a place to become injured.

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